HIFU SomaSonix by Soma Lasers Australia

Melbourne Laserderm Clinic

At The Clinic

We will make a consultation to ensure Somasonix HIFU is the right option for your needs and your skin type.

The Treatment

Our trained aestheticians cleanse the targeted area and apply a gel. The HIFU device is applied to the skin. This typically takes 20 minutes to 1 hour.


A follow-up ensures your skin is reacting as expected.

Melbourne Laserderm Clinic

The Somasonix HIFU is a device that carries out a completely non-invasive treatment that can be applied to your face, neck and body, reducing those areas of loose, sagging skin that just won’t disappear no matter how many new workout classes you take. Somasonix helps to firm and tighten loose skin on your thighs, stomach, arms, love handles, chin and beneath the buttocks.

The total treatment time is just under an hour we simply place the applicator on the area you want to see the most difference in, and the Somasonix energy targets the deeper layers of the dermis to tighten and firm.


Absolutely. Somasonix is one of the leading techniques to meet the needs of men and women alike, and there’s no real need for downtime or recovery. It helps tighten, firm, and refresh your features! Completely non-invasive, this technique revitalises your natural features in a matter of minutes.

Somasonix means great results in one affordable package. This is the procedure for you whether you’re looking to take years off or get rid of problem fat, and the RESULTS LAST over a year!!!

Stop hiding behind those little beauty tricks. Show them what real beauty is! It may be tough to realise, but that double chin isn’t going to disappear on its own. You’re going to need to do something about it, and we can help. Our Somasonix HIFU is a non surgical contouring system and is one of the leading techniques for tightening, firming and sculpting your face and chin.


Our Non Surgical Face Lift starts with a comprehensive consultation. We want to know more about your goals and your background so we can help you choose the perfect procedure to help meet your needs. After that, we’ll employ our Somasonix technology to help you reduce that double chin and refine any wrinkles and fine lines.

HIFU for Body

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound is a simple, non-invasive procedure. Our trained aestheticians place the HIFU applicator on the area you want to tighten and firm. The ultrasound energy targets the lower layers of the dermis, generating low levels of heat. This spurs collagen production and rejuvenation of the targeted tissue. After just one treatment, results are noticeable.

Somasonix HIFU can be used to help lift, tighten, and contour areas of the body, including:

  • Thighs
  • Stomach
  • Arms
  • Love handles
  • Beneath the buttocks

For those experiencing loose and sagging skin on their body, HIFU provides an effective solution. No surgery. No lengthy recovery. And best of all no more hiding your body.

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